Two Phrases That Could Be Ruining Your Life

This article is an excellent read, raw and straight to the point.

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If I ask a hundred people what is the most overused phrase in the English language, I’d likely get a lot of repeat responses such as, “You only live once,” “I can’t even,” “Jus sayin’, “It is what it is…” and anything involving the word, “Literally,” and “Adulting.” Ugh. The burn-worthy list could go on, the length of this article. A random group of words get linked, like lemmings, we incorporate them into our vernacular and a coined phrase is planted, overstaying its welcome. While I cringe and groan at some of the phrases I consider most overused in our daily language, the ones that get to me more than all the others are, “I’m sorry,” and “I promise.” Wait. What. We’re taught to apologize. And, what’s so bad about making promises? Pull up a stool, kids. I’ll add 40 years to the age of my voice and tell you…

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Bucket List Break down: Step 1.) Make it, already.

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When I was 19, long before the term “bucket list” was so ubiquitous and weary from a long day’s work in the middle of the desert of Saudi Arabia, I sat in my sparsely furnished apartment on Dhahran Air Base, and scribbled out a life list on a few pieces of paper. I’d already crossed off, “Visit England, France and Spain,” and “Live on the beach for a year. Looking back, I didn’t think about the “how’s,” nor did I think of the difficulty of manifesting those goals as a 19 year old, naive, bullet-proof kid. I just knew the list was so long, that if I only had 100 years to do this, I’d better get busy. Some challenges turned full-blown burdens arose, and there continued to be obstacles and setbacks that clotheslined me at various stages throughout life. The kind of stuff that makes you want to throw…

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Emotional Bondage: Damning the Darkness From Fear to Freedom

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It has been on my heart for some time to write on the topic of emotional bondage. What, exactly, is emotional bondage? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred answers. It’s my experience, both personally and professionally, that toxic relationships course through the veins of all those experiencing emotional bondage. The toxicity may stem from childhood to adulthood, through the negligence of a parent, or any other form of cruelty at the hands of those who override the boundaries- physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or mental- of any person, resulting in abuse. I am fully aware of the sticky topic I’ve chosen to broach. For every definition of emotional bondage, we will have a degree of abuse. For many, the abuse is all encompassing, debilitating, unimaginable and has shaken the very foundation of any sense of safety or normalcy in the life of that individual. It is more than…

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You Said I couldn’t Do It. So, I did. (Or, Charles “Pokey” Looper, Suck On This.)

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  • I’ve been asked, a few times, to tell a story about a rather significant fact of my life, right here for all the world to see. To expose a portion of my journey that will surprise some, inspire others and for those who said I couldn’t do it, well, I won’t leave you out. It’s a story not known by many and I’ve decided not to change names to protect the guilty. I will begin by saying thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me. Thank you for suggesting I “aim low.” Thank you for thinking I was made for less. Thank you for telling me I’d best focus on work after high school. That’s where I was headed. A factory, maybe. Or, if I really tried,  a vocational school. Thank you for making me the underdog. Not that it’s important, my achievements, but because yours were, and…

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Epic Spider Battle

Epic Spider Battle

Round 1: When I notice the large spider in the bathroom and I am momentarily taken aback by his impressive size. Even without my certification in arachnid identification, I quickly assess that creature is clearly a slightly larger and less hairy relative of the tarantula. Thankfully, my killer instinct kicks in and I remember that while the spider is large, he is still smaller than my husband’s shoe. I quickly retrieve the shoe and return to find the spider M.I.A.  Spider wins Round 1.

Round 2: I decide the house is simply not large enough for the both of us. Carrying the shoe purposefully out in front, like the deadly weapon that it is, I re enter the bathroom. I decide it must be my lucky day because the spider was so kind as to crawl into the shower. Sweeeeeet! This is going to be so easy, it’s not even fair. I turn the water on, watch the spider shrivel up and then float to the top. I realize he’s far too large to go down the drain, NO PROBLEM, I have a plan.

I exchange the shoe with a paper towel to transport the spider out of the shower and will flush him down the drain. When I pick the spider up and he is out of the water, he quickly unravels and begins crawling toward my arm. My multitasking skills are put to the test, as I throw him back in the shower and turn the water back on, all while simultaneously screaming. Spider wins Round 2.

Round 3: Every time a hair brushes my shoulder/arm I am convinced it is another spider, so I take a brief time-out to pull my hair up. By this time, the spider is curled up playing possum again, but now I am keen to his deceptive ways.  I rearm myself with the deadly shoe, I am certain to be victorious. With all the strength I have, I swing the shoe at the spider at the perfect angle that propels him out of the water and toward my face. Amazingly, I managed to then swing the shoe like a tennis racket and propel him back into the shower. Spider wins Round 3.

Round 4: I am too busy catching my breath, and shaking my head in disbelief to actively participate. THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING. Spider wins Round 4, by default.

Round 5: I am nothing, if not determined. Clearly my Wonder Woman approach is not working, so I decide to take a softer approach. I slowly bent down and every so gently pressed the spider into 

the ceramic. TKO. I may have lost the first four rounds, but I emerge victorious.